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Montreal borough set to adopt bylaw in effort to stem tide of gentrification

MONTREAL - A gritty Montreal neighbourhood with roots that date back to the industrialization of Canada is trying to stop itself from turning into an enclave of trendy, upscale restaurants and little else.

A zoning bylaw set for a final vote on Tuesday would prevent new restaurants from setting up within 25 metres of an existing establishment.

2 hours ago

Policy Prescriptions Trump and Clinton on global trade

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump wants to blow up the way the United States does business with the rest of the world.

Hillary Clinton repudiates an ambitious Asia-Pacific trade deal she once praised and vows to appoint a special prosecutor to keep U.S. trading partners in line.

2 hours ago

Federal tech innovation service to be led by Ex-Pixar exec

WASHINGTON - A former Pixar executive who won the first ever Oscar for software is taking over a U.S. government agency responsible for improving federal digital technology.

Rob Cook, whose credits include "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2," will become commissioner of the Technology Transformation Service on Oct. 31. He will have top secret security clearance.

3 hours ago

At Trump hotel in Washington, alternate reality: All is well

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump may be spending most of his days inside the frantic hurricane of the presidential campaign, but inside his new hotel in Washington, calm and luxury prevail.

Staff members offer impeccable service, serving Champagne to guests waiting to check in and preparing rooms with turned-down covers and bedside chocolates. Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., says he's confident the Trump International Hotel fronting Pennsylvania Avenue a few blocks from the White House will be a place for both Democrats and Republicans no matter who wins.

4 hours ago