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Leaked Trump draft order blames NAFTA for 'massive' wealth transfer from U.S.

WASHINGTON - A published report says President Donald Trump planned to give Canada and Mexico five days notice that the U.S. intended to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The Financial Times says it received a leaked draft executive order that Trump had originally planned to sign on Saturday before back-tracking and agreeing to renegotiate the trade pact.

23 hours ago

B.C. leader could drag Canada into unwanted battle with U.S. on softwood: expert

BURNABY, B.C. - A vow by British Columbia's Liberal leader to fight American tariffs on softwood lumber may force the federal government to wage an unwanted battle with the United States, an international trade expert says.

Christy Clark asked Ottawa to ban thermal U.S. coal shipments passing through B.C. ports after the Americans imposed an average tariff of 20 per cent on Canadian softwood lumber this week.

27 minutes ago

Appeals court upholds decision to block Anthem bid for Cigna

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court on Friday left in place a decision blocking Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurer Anthem's bid to buy rival Cigna, saying that a bigger company is not better for consumers.

The 2-1 decision upholds a federal judge's ruling in February that said the proposed $48 billion acquisition would further reduce competition in the already concentrated health insurance market.

2 hours ago

Trade, procurement and Kevin O'Leary: three ways politics mattered this week

OTTAWA - Politics groupies suddenly found themselves this week discussing the pros and cons of cupping, of all things, after the prime minister popped up on a podcast with telltale purple circles on his forearms.

Cupping, just FYI, is an alternative therapy that involves placing suction cups on the skin to draw blood to the surface. Made famous by swimmer Michael Phelps among others. And yes, Justin Trudeau is a fan.

2 hours ago