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Anywhere but Washington: Why DC stories rarely film in DC

WASHINGTON - It's a hobby among District of Columbia locals: Picking apart glaring geographic and architectural inaccuracies in movies and television shows set in Washington.

One of the most famous is the 1987 film "No Way Out," where Kevin Costner escapes pursuers by taking a subway from Georgetown. No subway station has ever existed in the tony neighbourhood. The opening credits of the new Amazon show "Jack Ryan" show the title character biking to work via a route that makes no geographic sense.

2 hours ago

NEB agrees to consider LNG Canada pipeline jurisdictional challenge

The National Energy Board says it will consider a jurisdictional challenge of a pipeline approval that is a key component in a recently sanctioned $40-billion liquefied natural gas export facility in British Columbia.

The federal regulator says it will accept submissions until next Monday from challenger Mike Sawyer, the provincial and federal governments, and other parties on whether the 670-kilometre pipeline should be considered a federal project.

4 hours ago

Small businesses call for quick end to rotating strikes at Canada Post

OTTAWA - Small businesses called for a speedy end to rotating walkouts launched Monday in four cities by Canada Post employees, citing concern that a prolonged strike could chew into their profits ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business also urged the post office to rein in spending to reduce costs and warned postal workers that continued job action could hurt them and their employer.

4 hours ago

Alberta's Notley proposes Ottawa get into the crude-by-rail business

CALGARY - Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is proposing Ottawa get into the crude-by-rail business at least temporarily so that producers in her province can get a better price for their oil.

"We are in the midst of putting together a specific business case that we'll be taking to the federal government late this week, early next week, where we lay out the specific costs," Notley said Monday following a meeting with energy industry leaders in Calgary.

6 hours ago